Hackaday Podcast Episode 262: Wheelchair Hacking, Big Little Science at Home, Arya Talks PCBs

Join Hackaday Editors Elliot Williams and Tom Nardi as they go over their favorite hacks and stories from the past week.  This episode starts off with an update on Hackaday Europe 2024, which is now less than a month away, and from there dives into wheelchairs with subscription plans, using classic woodworking techniques to improve your 3D printer’s slicer, and a compendium of building systems. You’ll hear about tools for finding patterns in hex dumps, a lusciously documented gadget for sniffing utility meters, a rare connector that works with both HDMI and DisplayPort, and a low-stress shortwave radio kit with an eye-watering price tag. Finally, they’ll take a close look at a pair of articles that promise to up your KiCAD game.

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